not to watch...

i realized that i didn't ever tell you what i had decided to do in my decision about whether or not to watch the season premiere of lost. ok, so i did not watch it. i watched 2 episodes of season one last week. i have been watching one to two episodes a night for about the last month. not every night have i been able to watch one. but when i sit down to watch tv (aka: my laptop) i watch an episode of lost. i am excited to report... i only have 2 episodes of season 1 left to watch. i will finish those this weekend! i may go ahead and watch the season premiere and last night's episode in the next week or so. i may integrate the new shows with the old ones, unless i feel too "lost".

i must say i am thankful that abc puts all their shows online - it is my cheap version of "dvr". we don't have dvr or cable for that matter. so it is really nice to be able to watch any show at any time on abc.com. and honestly my fave shows are all on abc (gray's anatomy, private practice & october road) now if fox would put house and american idol online i would be ecstatic!!

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