good conversation....

last week i had the wonderful opportunity to get my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed!!! my dad kept jesiah and i took jaelyn with me to my friend, christy's! christy has been cutting my hair for about two years, with a maternity leave break for her ( a well deserved one her baby #2 and #3 are just a year apart!!!) and one for me in that time span. it had been almost five months since i had my hair done. it was so nice to have a little time for myself!

and not only did i get a great haircut, we had very good conversation! i left there feeling very challenged spiritually and full of good ideas and thoughts on many different topics. christy's son, eli and my son, josh are friends. the boys go to school together and have spent time at each other's houses for play dates. christy and i talked a lot about child rearing and specifically about our sons. we talked about goals we each had for our boys, things they need to know about and the things that they don't. we talked about what they should be watching and not be watching on tv. we talked about their behavior in school and the behaviors we desire. we talked about their choice of friends. christy told me about a book that i want to read and have jamil read too, preparing your son for every man's battle.

it was so refreshing to have time for myself and to be around a friend who is the same stage of life as me and has a lot of the same standards and expectations for her kids. i feel safe knowing that when josh is with her and her family, he will be exposed to the same things that he is exposed to at our house.

thank you christy for your words of encouragement, good conversation and all of this while getting a great hair cut!!!


Christy said...

Dawn, thank you... it was a great time for me as well. I think it is so important to #1 be real with each an every person we are friends with #2 be intentional with our parenting #3 encourage and spur one another on. I was just as encouraged as we spent time talking while I did your hair. Hope this week goes better for you and Josh... I am praying for you guys!

Brandy said...

It's always nice to have some mommy alone time!

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