not me! monday

today i am participating in "not me monday" - you can check it out on mckmama's blog if you want to join in the fun!!! i love to hear about other blogger's shortcuts and things they do to make it through the day....so i thought i would be honest and share some of the things i have done lately. or um the things i haven't done, oh no not me!!

oh no, not me, nope.... i did not "loose" three of my four children one day last week while i was doing my thing on my laptop. no most certainly not, they weren't playing in the backyard while i was inside listening to them playing. that would never happen here. i would never let my 8, 5, and 4 year old play outside by themselves and not under my watchful eye. and i most certainly wouldn't them them wander off into to the woods dressed in shorts, flip flops and crocs without me knowing. that. would. never. happen. here.

oh no, not me, nope never ever would i bribe my four year old with a mallomar cookie. no i would never use a sugary chocolate marshmallow cookie as a healthy snack in exchange for his cooperation to get in bed and go to sleep. most certainly not. no never would i resort to such things. nope not me no bribery here.

oh no, not me, no never would i ever spend time during the day watching all those pregnancy and birth shows on tlc and discovery health. no time for that here. most certainly not, i couldn't squeeze in anytime for tv watching! and i would never turn the tv on while i was folding laundry or doing any other household chore. nope never.

oh no, not me, nope never would i talk on the phone to my best friend for numerous hours in a day so i can get some adult interaction. nope never, most cerainly not. i don't need any time to talk to friends after being stuck in the house for several. days. straight. nope never. i am totally fulfilled by the conversations i have with my four children whom are eight and under. most certainly i do not talk on the phone for more than five minutes at a time. never ever.

ok.... so let's here it, what are some of the things you have never done??? time to confess to your shortcuts!!! so fun that we can be so real!!


San said...

Heh heh! I enjoyed your post! :)

carma said...

great NMM's

Tabi said...

I'm so glad to know that I am not the only person out there to talk endlessly on the phone with a friend just for the adult interaction!