our little buddy is four...

happy happy birthday to our little buddy!!!

jesiah is four years old today!

here is a picture of jesiah only a few days old!!

such a sweet sweet baby!

jesiah is our sweet, full of life, laid back little guy! he just loves to be alive. he is so sweet and tender hearted. jesiah has so much energy. he is always jumping and running and playing. he is all over the place. more bumps and bruises have appeared on his head than any other of my kiddos. he trips and falls all of the time. jesiah can be quite a stinker sometimes. sometimes he will have a mind of his own and he will do just what he wants to do!

jesiah looks up to his big brother and wants to be just like him. he has really missed having jordyn around as his sidekick and playmate. only being 19 months apart they have been playmates and now she leaves him for most of the day. he plays really really well by himself. he loves his baby sister but doesn't ask to hold her too much. since she has become more of a baby and less of a newborn (definitely another post) she interacts with him a lot more - he loves to make her laugh!

he loves his mommy - he certainly can be a mommy's boy. but when daddy comes home - he is all about wrestling with him.

jesiah loves to play with pirates, batman and any kind of action figures. he can often be found using some sort of string, hair band or belt and wrapping around the super hero. then i find it dangling somewhere. he loves to dress up and wear costumes of all sorts.

he doesn't like being to dirty or messy! he chooses to stay away from anything too messy. he loves to cuddle and snuggle. jesiah loves to climb on my lap to read stories or to tell me what a good mom i am. (sob!!)

jesiah is such a joy! we are so proud that God has chosen us to be his parents! everyday jesiah amazes me with the things he says and does. he makes us laugh - sometimes i laugh so hard i am in tears.

sweet little jesiah,

you are such a big boy now! we are so proud of what a sweet boy you are. we know that God is going to do big things in your life! you have brought us so much joy. your love for life teaches me new things everyday. you certainly have taught mommy to just stop and enjoy the day that God has made for us. i love how much laughter you bring to our family. you are an amazing big brother. and a fun and spunky little brother too! i am looking forward to watching you grow and learn this year - your fourth year of life - wow how time flies by! it feels like yesterday that you were born and i was holding our sweet jesiah bennett. we are so excited to celebrate your big day. we can't wait for you to open your presents tonight! your sisters and brother can't wait either. keep shining your light on this dark world!! God is going to use you in a mighty way!

we love you so much!!!

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Christy said...

happy b-day Jesiah! Hope Josh's fever breaks so you guys can do a b-day dinner for Jesiah tonight! Praying for you