a new day...

i am not a morning person. i don't think i really ever have been. i have to laugh because my name is dawn which means "sunrise" or "day break". you would think that by the meaning of my name i should love the break of day or morning. but i really do not.

what i do love about mornings is that it means that it is a new day. it doesn't matter how bad the day before was, i get to start over. yes a new day, a new beginning, a fresh start.

on those days when i felt like everything was going wrong, maybe i didn't have the patience i would like to have, maybe i yelled too much, maybe i didn't hug on my kids enough, maybe i didn't put my husband before the kids and maybe i didn't put God first. i know the next day is a new day. a fresh start.

on the eve of those bad days, when all is quiet and i reflect on the day. i choose to put the bad day and the guilt i feel because of the bad day behind me and i look ahead to the next day. a new day. a fresh start.

wow, how refreshing! isn't this just like the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. all the bad is gone and we are made fresh and new through Him, because of Him! thank God for sending His Son and our Holy Saviour.

my name now is taking on a whole new meaning. it doesn't mean i love the break of day. it means i love the fresh start of the new day!


Chubbacoo said...

i agree--what a nice thought! and fondly remember you not being a morning person!

Christy said...

Hey Dawn,
I am in the midst of writing your nomination in for W.N.T.W... I need 2 pictures of you in your sweats, or your most worn outfit... I will send you two picturs of me as well... so you can nominate me! :) my email address... sleepytoes@carolina.rr.com
Thanks girl,

Xazmin said...

Beautiful thought... I love it.

Also - I hate mornings too. Actually, I LOVE morning time, the quiet still when everything is just waking up.

But, I hate. waking. up. I am such a night owl!

Becki Francy said...

Hadn't thought of it that way before....I like a good clean slate! Sent you an e-mail!