baby legs and bumbo seat...

i just can't get enough of this cutie patootie!!!!


Christy said...

how much are those leggings that J has on? I forget what they are called... but they would be great for me to get for Lilly since she is potty trained... reagular stocking are so hard for her to do.
Do you want to have the boys get together this friday after school? Let me know... call anytime.
can't wait to hear about your weekend.

Dawn Massey said...

those little legwarmer/leggings are actually called "baby legs". they would be great for lilly and potty training!!! i got them at target for $10. the way they were folded i thought i was getting 2 pairs, but it was only 1. i have seen them online and i think they are about the same price. let me know if you find them any cheaper!

yes, for friday...sounds great. i will give you a call!!