a little time off...

last night i was able to have a very much needed night off!!! my sweet hubby took care of all four of the kids so my sister and i could go out! it was the first time i left him with all four. he is a pro and can handle it just fine!!!!

so here is what we did....first we went for a pedicure - so relaxing and what a treat!!! then we went to sushi 101 and ate like crazy -- yummy!!! on our way home we made a detour to target!!!
we spent two hours just looking around. of course i had to buy a few things. including a cute pair of baby legs for jaelyn!

we have a busy weekend planned so i won't have a lot of time to write. but i will be back on monday with something fun to write about! stay tuned and have a super weekend! and if you can take a little time off too!!!


Patti's Chat said...

Girl - I'm so thrilled you had that time with your sister! What a refreshing way to spend the evening and doing girly things is what we love to do, don't we!? We all need that time - the healthier Momma is the healthier her family is so GREAT JOB in taking care of yourself which in turn takes care of your family! Love you!

hadassahrose said...

(Found your blog through MckMama's)

2 hours at Target sounds like fun!

You have a beautiful family - and very adorable children!