what a week...

that is about all i can say is what a week we have had. it has been a week of yuck! we have all been either in the midst of being sick with a cold, getting over a cold or starting a cold over the last week. so that has not been fun. on top of yucky colds, we have also been under attack.

last week, i created a morning and an afternoon schedule to help things run smoother on a day to day basis. one of the things jamil and i felt we needed to implement in the evenings was time to pray and read the bible with our kids. we do this with our kids but not every night with any kind of plan or discipline. we may read one night & work on memory verses another. with our kids being 8, 5 and 3 (the baby just chills out or is asleep) we thought we needed to create a more structured time of prayer and reading. so we started that consistently this week. and wouldn't you know...

~ josh had a rough week at school behavior wise (talking when he shouldn't be, taking things to school that he shouldn't have - nothing serious but enought to warrant a trip to the principal's office).

~ jordyn also had a rough week at school - she has had the nasty cold and not feeling great - this makes her very crabby and tired. i got an email from her teacher about her talking too much and she wants me to come in for a conference so we can redirect her.

~ jesiah woke up on the day of his best buddies birthday party with a fever of 101.7. our friends' planned this party 6 weeks ago making sure we would be there. so i had to take the big kids and the baby and leave him home with daddy.

~ i have felt very worn out and frustrated with where i am right now. feeling like i just don't take care of myself and everyone else is first.

thankfully, jamil and the baby haven't had anything other than colds to deal with.

what a coincidence that we start a family devotion time and we are really intentional this week about guiding our kids and praying and reading with them and look at the attack we are under.

we shall overcome and continue to thank God for all He is to us. He continues to amaze us and a bad week will not have us question who He is.


Christy said...

I have been praying for you this week, ever since you were in and saying that it has been a rough one with Josh. He is a good kid, and has a great heart... sometimes it's just hard because he wants to touch everyones life with his words. Eli is the same, as we said, and the world wouldn't be the same without the two of them.

I look foward to them getting together on fridays, I think they will really have a blast... it will be great to watch each others kids grow, become closer with the Lord, and mature in behavior.

God Bless and Keep your head up...
You are a great mom, and don't forget to take the time you need to rejuvinate yourself, so you can continue pouring yourself into your husband first and children second... (the Lord... well that goes without saying)!

If you need to talk anytime or just stop by to be somewhere other than your house... my door is always open to you!

much love,

Mamarazzi said...

BEAUTIFUL children...lovely family. hoping for a better week for you soon...

Just stopping in to welcome you to SITS. You are going to love this bloggy community and the women in the SITStahood!

sandy said...

In each life a little rain must fall! Hang in there:0)

I stopped by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you as part of the SITStahood:0)