wardrobe wednesday...

ok, so i have said it before but i will say it again; i need some serious fashion help! my wardrobe is basically nonexistent. and has been since baby #4 was born. i know i need to do some shopping for myself. since when has buying the basics for myself become a splurge or something "extra"? since i became a mommy of four, i guess! another example of needing to prioritize myself. i put off shopping for myself for two big reasons....lack of time to do it and lack of money to do it. it is hard to find the time and the money to shop when you need an entire new wardrobe. i would love for someone to submit me to what not to wear, anyone?

today, i was so excited to find a post today on this sweet blog. kelly is doing a fun "dress for less" post . if you find yourself in the same boat you should check it out!

ok so i only have a few tips, but i thought if i share some of mine and you share some of yours we can all dress for less!!! please leave a comment with some of your tips for dressing for less!

~ for in between weather...dress in layers: use long sleeve tshirts to extend the life of your short-sleeve/sleeveless tops & dresses. wear hoodies - i love them and wear them a lot!

~ online shop... i can not shop well with kids so i have started shopping online. fyi...i just got a shipment today from children's place, their shipping is always only $5!!!

~ use coupons and only buy on sale... i try to never ever pay full price.

~ set a budget for what you are going to spend and set a max price on individual pieces (example: i will only pay $20.00 or less for a top!)

~ when i am in my "mom gear" i still wear makeup and do my hair - it may be my infamous ponytail but it is done!

those are a few of mine, so what are some of yours...


tab said...

If only I could do hair! I am so lacking in that department.

Christy said...

Hey girl, If I submit you to what not to wear... will you submit me? Or maybe we could do a show together... friends who need help on what not to wear! ha... I hear ya! I have one pair of jeans that I wear right now and one pair of khakis... about 3 shirts, that I switch between and layer with a couple tanks. I need help as well! let's do it!

Chubbacoo said...

Not only do I have the same issues, (well, not the mom to 4!) but I also have to dress professional for work. Here's what I live by: I have only spent money ($25 or more) on the classics/basics. For all other trendy items or seasonal items I shop at Target. Paying $20-$25 for me is top shelf! I dress up things buy accessorizing--always either a bright necklace or earrings (not both) and a bracelet. A cute boot or shoe (again, only spend money on something I'm going to wear a lot) also helps to shape your look. I used to watch What Not to Wear religiously and get compliments all the time. Most people are shocked when I tell them--really, this entire outfit is from Target!

Julesmcg said...

I keep asking Brenden to submit me too. I think they should just come hang out here - we could give them lots of Mommies to dress well, don't ya think? My motto is "dress the kids cute - no one will notice me!" I am not sure if that is true, but I am going with it for now!