out and about (in the rain, i might add!)...

i just got finished putting a corned beef and cabbage meal together (in the crockpot) on this cloudy dreary st. patrick's day. the baby is still asleep although jesiah is ready to go as usual! i am really hoping that we will see some sunshine soon. it has been raining for like four days straight. ugh. it seriously affects my mood when it is not sunny. i wish it would just rain at nights and be sunny all day. i am feeling like i should build an ark ! i especially dislike the rain, when i have to be out and about in it. and for the momma of four who has been staying close to home over the last few months, i have been out a lot lately...

i already told you about my big night out with my sister on friday - so fun!!! it was weird to get a pedicure on a cold and rainy night. i am sure that people thought we were crazy wearing flip flops to sushi 101. but we couldn't mess up the pedicures.

on saturday afternoon, we had a babysitter watch the three big kids and jamil and i did some shopping for him. we had jaelyn with us and she did so good being out and about in the rain!!! we found some great deals at marshalls (the one at blakeney is packed with stuff - atleast for men and kids!) we were able to get him a couple of shirts and a couple of pairs of jeans! he really needed some new clothes - now he will be looking good!!! after we went shopping we ate dinner at chili's!! we did all of this on saturday to celebrate his birthday!!! our first date was actually on his birthday ten years ago and we went shopping and ate at chili's. of course ten years ago we didn't need a babysitter! we had a great time and we were home by about 8:30. it was a great way to do a "date night". we were home in plenty of time to wind down and relax before he had to get up early for church the next day! jamil usually gets up about 5:00 am. this gives him time to get ready and do a little praying and reading before he heads off to elevation to serve with our fabulous pastor!!!

speaking of elevation, wow, what a message on sunday. i probably say that every week. but it is so true, our pastor is seriously and truly on fire. what a man of God!!! he has a true calling on his life and brings the word of God alive each and every week. we started a new series on sunday, the essential james, you can check out the sermon here. the first sermon spoke so much truth and really got me thinking about God's word; unless you do more than listen to it or read it you are deceiving yourself, you are suppose to be acting it out too! (this deserves another post!)

on sunday morning, i actually made it to the 10:00 service with all four kids dressed and ready (looking pretty cute i might add- the kids, not me!) to leave by 9:20am in the pouring down rain. it doesn't matter that when i got home i realized i had only one earring in all. morning. long. oooopsss. guess i forgot to put the second one in? or it is lost in a rain puddle somewhere.

and what a treat....yesterday, i picked up our wonderful babysitter, johanna, so she could watch the three big kids. jaelyn and i met jamil for a quick dinner and a little shopping again. again in the rain, but the shopping this time was for me. but wouldn't you know it, i found virtually nothing for myself! i found two tops, one at marshalls and one at old navy. (btw.... i hit the big 7 pairs of panties for $25 sale at victoria's secret - of course i had a coupon and got a free pair plus $10 off!). and that was all. it seems that everytime i carve out time and a little cash to shop for myself i find nothing. so frustrating. well, atleast i have some new underwear.

today, i have a list of things i want to cross off and get done. a bunch of stuff that has been on there way too long. we will see how much i can get done today. iit isn't raining but it is so cloudy, a good day to just stay home. although, i had thoughts of heading out to the ymca.

our ymca membership was reactivated this weekend after a three month freeze and i really need to get there and start some sort of work out plan. i am so totally clueless when it comes to exercising especially on my own. it is hard to motivate myself to go. but i know i need to. i think i will add "find an exercise buddy" to my to do list.

my sweet baby girl is waking up and my little buddy is ready to play pirates. so that is all from me for now!

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Christy said...

I hear ya on the rain and cloudiness bit. I am looking forward to this afternoon because the sky is supposed to open up and rain down some SUN! The kids will be more than ready to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! Have a great day... sorry you didn't find any clothes!