it's a very special day...

...because thirty three years ago

a sweet, kind, funny, spirited
son, grandson,
and little brother,

a faithful, handsome, supportive, spirit led husband

a fun, energetic, awesome, loving daddy

a man of God with a true servant's heart

was born into this world

happy happy birthday to my sweet husband,
i can not imagine what my life would be like without you. you are the rock that this family stands on. you are truly a man of God loving and serving us and never thinking about yourself. you are the love of my life and the very best daddy for our four children. they love you and look up to you. i am so grateful that they have such a strong man of God to follow and learn from.
i feel so honored to be your wife. i couldn't ask for a better husband. you are so loving and so supportive. i would not be who i am today without the influence you have in my life.
you are my hero.
i thank God each and every day for you.

i hope you have had a very special birthday!
i love you!

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Brenda Jean said...

What a lovely birthday post. I hope the day was VERY special for your husband:)