blog hopping...

i have a long list of blogs on my google reader that i follow - yes, by the way, i switched to google reader from bloglines - i like it so much better. anyway, sometimes if i have caught up on reading the blogs i regularly follow, i will check out other people's blogs and "blog hop". i even "blog shop" - meaning if i like what i read and see - or more likely if i feel like i can relate to the writer i will add them to my google reader. i probably have about 50 blogs that i follow right now. it is a little bit of an addiction. but it is fun!

when i am blog hopping i start with a person's blog and will choose another blog from their blog roll and then on that blog i will find another to hop to. i don't do this often, but when i do i feel like i hear from God while reading the blogs i hop to and from. often, i will find a blog which tells the story of a mom who has lost a baby or babies. these are the hardest for me to read, but i still will read. i am always in tears as i read about the pain and suffering they have endured. i am always amazed at the strength they have. i always say that i don't know how they are surviving with such tremendous loss. it is a loss i do not understand. i can not imagine what they are going through.

after reading their stories and shedding my tears, i am always so thankful that i haven't been through what they have been through. i always pray to God and just praise Him for the four babies he has given me. i feel so blessed to have had four healthy babies who are still here with us on earth.

i found a blog tonight that was the story of a mom who lost her little baby just minutes after he was born. it was predicted that he would be stillborn or only live a short time, they knew that while she carried him for nine months. i just can not imagine. this sweet baby was born a day after my sweet baby girl. again, i just praised my Heavenly Father for my sweet baby girl who will be five months old next week. i have been blessed to spend every day with her since she was born. i have been able to love on her, kiss her, nurse her, listen to her giggle, watch her grow and watch her look at her big brothers and sister in awe.

i have had a hard time with jaelyn getting bigger and knowing she is my last baby. but what a blessing to watch her grow and thrive. i am going to remind myself that there are moms out there who have not experienced what i am experiencing...for the fourth time.

i am so grateful to be able to read blogs while i blog hop that remind me to appreciate evey gift i have been given.


Tanielle said...

What an absolutly beautiful family you have!!! So cute. Have a great Sunday!

Stephanie said...

1 - Love Google Reader
2 - I am also an addicted blog hopper.
3 - I can't read the sick baby blogs. Makes me want to cry! That baby Cora one really got to me!