10 months old

isn't she so sweet??
i could just eat her up!

this last month has flown by at lightning speed
and i wish it would just slow down.
i've made a point to slow down our life,
so i am just asking for time to slow down too.

she loves to look at books now!

i can not believe my baby girl is 10 months old.

this is how she gets around:
"army crawl"

over the last week or so, jaelyn has gotten very good and going where she wants to go. she is "crawling" everywhere. her "crawling" is so cute, she is pulling herself around with her arms, like an "army crawl" and boy is she fast!!! and she is getting into everything that she sees in her line of sight, which on the floor there are lots of little crumbs and things for her to grab. this is a whole new dynamic and creates a whole new element of stress, making sure that the floor is a safe place for her to play.

here she is up on her knees!

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