just so you know...

first thank you to everyone who gave me sweet words of encouragement on my blog, email, phone calls and texts - i truly appreciate each and every one of you and each and every word you spoke into my life. without you, i would not be feeling the way i am.

second, i am doing much better and feeling much better about the decision to homeschool. after a mild panic attack and a long talk with jamil, i am going to give it a try. i am not going to let fear take over. i am not going to take the "easy road" {for me} and sent them to school {please note: i am not say that if you send your kids to school you are taking the easy way out, what i am saying is that would be what i would be doing bc of this task God has laid before ME!}

third, we have been getting our feet wet and doing some school stuff over the last few days and it is going pretty well. jordyn has actually been asking me to "do school". that has made me feel so much better to know that she is liking it so far! and i think josh and jesiah are too, even though they have yet to say it.

so i am going to remind myself each and every day why we have made this decision. and with God I can do this! i know He brought me to it and He will be the only one to bring me through it.

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Celia Jimenez said...

Thanks for your congrats on my blog. Guess what...we've decided this year to homeschool as well!!! So let me know if you ever want to get together to do something fun! :-)