elevation's kind of new cd & give away...

so, i know it has been a month ago, but i just wanted to share a few pictures and tell you about our {elevation's} worship team's newest cd!

plus at the end i will tell you about my first ever blog giveaway!!! fun stuff!!

in july, our extraordinarily talented worship team at elevation released their brand new cd, called god with us. during the week of the release there was lots of celebrating. jamil and i felt honored to attend the cd release party which was held uptown {charlotte} at suite at epicenter! yes, our church rented out a nightclub in the heart of the city to praise God for how He has blessed our church and to celebrate Him as He worked through our worship pastor and leaders! we had such a great time! it was so much fun to hang out with a small group of staff, staff wives and key volunteers!!
jamil & me with our friends jill & billy

i just love this cd! i have been playing it nonstop in my van and on my ipod! i personally have no musical talent, although i love to listen to music. i can tell you this is good stuff! the music is awesome and the words are so full of worship and praise! you have to check it out! oh and it is on itunes!!!

ok, i just happen to have an extra copy of the cd...

so i am having my first ever blog give away!!

so if you would like to win this awesome cd here is what you need to do...

1. leave me a comment telling me you want it and tell me what your all time favorite song is.
that will give you 1 entry)

2. if you share about the give away on your blog, let me know that too ~ that will give you a second entry!

3. i will close the giveaway friday night 8/14/09 @ 11:59 pm and announce the winner by monday 8/17/09.

thanks for joining in on the fun!!! and good luck!!

just jill & me!

click here
to see lots more pictures taken by
our talented photographers at elevation!!
you will get a taste for what the event was like and
see a few pics of me, my hubby and our friends!


Stephanie said...

Funny that you are doing this. I had the same idea cause we have an extra one too. I thought about doing a giveaway, but since you are...maybe I will wait, or just give it away to someone.

Trust me people, it is an awesome CD. Love it!

4torock said...

I am al about winning some tunes... but where can listen to tell u my fav song?? am I missing something?lol See ya when we get back from the beach!!:)

Anonymous said...

I always need some new praise music! Are we supposed to tell our fav song of all time or from the cd? I could never choose just one song, but one of my favorites is by Third Day. I don't know the exact title but something like "I've Always Loved You." Glad you are doing a giveaway...so fun!!

Robin said...

My fav song of all time....wow that's hard....I'd have to go with Blessed be your name. Mighty to save is up there too. :) Looks like you guys had a great time.

Terri said...

Whoo hoo! I would love to win! I am just catching up on your blog... my summer has been similar to yours in that I haven't had time to read many blogs I like to follow. So when I was reading your last 2 months, and saw this post, I was sad I missed the giveaway!!! But then I just read your post from today and see I still have a chance!

I love praise and worship. I am also not musical and have no talent, but love music and to sing! Right now my favorite is "Mighty to Save" and I also love "Better is One Day".

I am still looking forward to getting together with you... I am having an event on 8/22 from noon-7if you can drop in... or we can set up a better time for you!

Can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for you and your beautiful family. Blessings!!!

Melanie said...

Oh cool, I <3 a giveaway & even better that it's an awesome praise CD! Can I tell you some favorites...I can't pick just one favorite praise song!
Blessed Be Your Name
Here I am to Worship
Open the Eyes of my Heart
Amazing Love

Just to name a few! Thanks for the fun chance to win!