season changes, schedule changes...

i feel like the summer has just flown right by. even though the weather will stay warm around here for quite sometime, fall is still in the air. it seems with almost every season change, a schedule change happens too. summer around here has been really low key. we haven't had many commitments and it has been really laid back. but as we head into fall, our schedule is getting busier.

our school schedule is changing. we will no longer have to do car pool lines, so that frees me up a lot in the afternoon. our daily schedule for homeschooling will be kind of relaxed and will revolve around jaelyn's nap schedule. we will try to do school when she is sleeping. we will also have a lot more time for playdates, because we won't have homework to do!

we will be adding some extracurricular activities to our schedule. josh will be playing soccer at the morrison ymca, he will have one practice and one game a week. jordyn will be taking dance one morning a week at masterpiece studios. last year, we took a year off of sports & dance. the kids really missed it but i just couldn't do a newborn, school responsibilites (car pool, homework, tired kindergartener) and extra activities. but this year there is more time for that.

also, i just started a twelve week bible study that i am so excited about. i will save the details for an entire post of it's own.

these things are in addition to our weekly couple's small group and my monthly girlfriend get togethers.

i feel really good about what our schedule looks like right now. i am always very careful to monitor this. i know i can't get too busy. but i also know we need a good balance of things to do outside of home, work and school. i am really good about looking at our schedule and if it gets overwhelming, i don't hesitate to make changes.

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