stop & listen...

i know, i know i took a blog break and didn't tell you...
...it just kind of happened.

i was feeling overwhelmed with keeping it going. and with life in general.
i have had a lot to share but the words just didn't come out right.

so i took the pressure off of myself and didn't say anything for awhile.
(i did that with twitter and facebook too.)

it felt good to be quiet and just not share for awhile.

my blog is a direct representation of my life right now,
i just don't know what i want it to look like.

by being quiet, i have been able to hear what i need to be hearing
because i have been able to stop and listen.

sometimes we just need to do that so that we can hear what He has planned for us!


Melanie said...

Good for you for taking a break...taking time to sit at His feet...taking time to just be Mom to your kids! I pray that you are feeling refreshed & joyful!

Christy said...

so true, so true!
sorry the summer went by without the boys getting together... we were gone 3 of the six weeks... and the other three we had family in... so it was a bust anyway. Fun, but a bust for other friends!
Eli is loving his new teacher this year... and the classroom is set up so amazingly... so organized and neat... LOVE IT!
When are you starting home schooling? Is there a start date? Or do you just pick when you start?

gina said...

good for you. glad you're back:)