b90x...not p90x..

today is the last day that the big kids will be in camp. i choose to overlook my to do list and just spend some time looking at homeschool curriculum online while jaelyn took her morning nap. when she woke up i focused on caring for her and trying not to multitask. after she ate her lunch, we played on the floor. when she decided she wanted to occupy herself and play with toys, instead of trying to get something done, i continued to lay on the floor will she played and i read my bible. { the picture above is jaelyn trying to reach for my bible! }

at elevation church, the staff & their wives along with some volunteer leaders {including armor bearers & their wives ~ which means us!} have embarked on an awesome bible reading plan. on monday, we began reading the bible in 90 days. pastor steven is calling it B90x. kind of like the intense diet & work out plan, but with the bible.

it certainly is a challenge, but i am choosing to do it and do my best. here is my thinking; even if i get behind or only end up reading half of the bible ~ guess what? that is huge, it is way more than i have ever set out to do before. this week i did get behind, but i took the time today to get caught up. my goal is to do the best i can and read as much as i can!

i can not tell you how grateful i am to be a part of a church which challenges me in so many ways. it is awesome to be a part of the leadership at elevation church. and to take on huge goals in the name of God. we have continued to see God moving in so many ways over the summer. and we are looking forward to an amazing fall. {one of the highlights of the fall is we are opening our first permanent facility! more on that later.}

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