school planning...

this summer i have been busy planning and preparing for our adventure in homeschooling! i have gotten really overwhelmed at times. and everytime i felt like i was going to have a panic attack, God always threw me a lifesaver, a person to encourage or a scripture to remember.

pretty much everyday, i question our decision to do this and like it has been from the beginning - it is fear based. i just don't know what it will look like. i just don't know how i can do this and be good at it. but i feel strongly that God has called me to this. and i am relying on the fact that He will do this through me.

so this is where i am with our homeschool plans...

i spent a great deal of time researching and looking at curriculum and trying to figure out what will work best with my kids (preschool, first and third grade) i finally narrowed it down and picked out what i think would be a good fit. then, i started looking for the best deal before i bought anything. we have two homeschool stores in my area, one is a used curriculum store and one has new curriculum. i made several trips to both before buying anything. and then i bought some things online too. and i still have a few more pieces to add to our collection.

i have begun to transform our dining room into a school room. i don't want the dining room to look like a classroom, but i want to have most of our things right there for when we need them. i have just begun this transformation. we have moved some bookshelves into the room for storage. i have organized some things on the shelves. and i have had two friends who were teachers before having kids offer to help me make some bulletin boards, i think i will take them up on that offer!!! so get ready ladies!

i am going to use the "filebox/workbox" system for each of my kids. i am totally excited about this - i love organizing and i love school supplies!!! basically, each child will have a container with file folders, each labeled with the subjects we are working on. their school books and papers will be filed in there. i am making them notebooks to keep in there too.

i have begun to outline {roughly} what our days will look like. i have made our calendar for the year and we will officially begin on september 1st.

i have made lists upon lists of supplies we need and goals we have for the year.

i have this huge desire that everything has to be done and ready to go on the first day. and i know that is not realistic. i know that this year will be a year for learning and growing for all of us.

i am trying to be flexible and keep this in mind but it is hard. i have been told by many other homeschooling moms to focus on the 3 r's this year and do very little else.

i am nervous, but i think that is normal. aren't most teachers nervous as the first day of school approaches?

i have great expectations on what God is going to do in the life of our family through this adventure. and i can't wait to share that with you!


Jenny said...

Your going to do a great job!!! It sounds like you are excited and really ready to go! Praying that you have a super year!!!!

Melanie said...

Wow Dawn, sounds like you are going to have a GREAT year! I didn't know you were homeschooling, but now I'm thinking I read a post about your big decision...anyway, enjoy these last couple of weeks of summer break & I'll be praying the Lord gives you just what you need each day!

Stephanie said...

love bulletin boards. :)

2 other things -
Saw the sneak peak of TBM pics from Candice. Your girls are beautiful!

And you can steal that blog post if you want. I stole it off of facebook. So really we are stealing together. :)

Terri said...

You will do great!!! I remember the awesome MOPS program you ran and how warm and welcoming you were to me. How much more wonderful you will be for your own children!!! Delight yourself in the Lord and your children, and there is no way you can fail. Blessings!

The Aspenberg Family said...

Wow Dawn you are awesome!! so organized and you seem soo prepared for the awesome adventure of Homeschooling! I know this year will be great for all of you!! I'll be praying for you! Enjoy the last few days of summer and Can't wait to hear how things are when you get started!!

oH yes and How can I forget...the sneak peak of your photo shoot! How Beautiful!! Your girls are just gorgeous!

4torock said...

Its gonna be great! I always love to look at other people workboxing system- we r doing that this year too- so post pics ( ha when u have time!!)
I have yet to plan school..... better get on it! AND LOVE your pics from the Beautiful Mess- those two truly have a gift:)