things crossed off...

my three older kids have been at the morrison ymca sports camps this whole week. i drop them off at 9:00 am and jamil picks them up on his way home around 5:00. it has been pretty quiet around here. yup about eight hours of being a mommy of one child. i had these huge plans, lots of projects to cross off my "to do" lists. finally having a that wonderful feeling of getting a lot of stuff accomplished. and it just hasn't happened.

i have found myself crossing those things off the list like i has planned. even with having "just one" child at home, i am still busy meeting her needs. and of course there are the everyday chores that have to get done. that stuff didn't go away to camp with my kids. so much for crossing off the projects and big things than i had planned on doing.

i like to make lists and cross things off. i really like lists! i can't function without them. sometimes, i will do something and if it isn't on my list, i will write it on there just so i can cross it off. sick, i know. but i like the feeling of accomplishment. i am very hard on myself when i have a list and things aren't getting crossed off. sometimes my lists are just unrealistic and sometimes life happens and i can't get to do everything.

at the end of the day, i find myself focusing on the things that are left undone, instead of focusing on what i do accomplish in a day. i need to focus on the things that got crossed off the list and not the ones that are still left on the list without a line drawn through.

i am learning is that it is a choice. it is my choice. i can choose to focus on what i did accomplish, even if it was just a few things, and not on what i did not have time to do.

which do you focus on? what you did during the day or what you did not do?

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Melanie said...

I have stopped making lists! Really, I used to be just the same...writing things on the list just to cross them off! And I finally realized the lists were not really getting me anywhere...so I only use them on rare occasions now! And I use them more for reminders...I'm trying to focus more on what I have done each day...even if that is just the normal mom things...carpool driver, snack maker, etc!