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our complete photo shoot is done!! to see all of our family pictures you can go here if you'd like to see the slideshow you can go here. we are absolutely thrilled with the beautiful shots candice and daniel took of our family!! they are amazing!!

i wanted to give you an update on my blog friend, jeannette. jeanette makes most of my girl's bows, i have posted about her on here before. all of the proceeds from her bows go towards the adoption of their sweet daughter, sara beth. the last time i posted about her bows, she was still waiting on a referral and since then God has blessed their family and they will soon be traveling to bring their sweet baby girl home. jeannette is doing a raffle and a sale on her blog, if you need some bows, please consider sarabeth bows you can go here. she is absolutely a joy to work with!

tomorrow, i will post another link to jaelyn's blog, i wrote an update on her there, but i am having trouble loading photos to blogger tonight. i realized that i hadn't written anything for her 10 month old post. so i wrote it, i just want to include some recent pictures.


Susan said...

Awesome pictures Dawn! I can't believe how big all the kids are getting. Jesiah looks so much like Jamil now and he is so not a baby anymore! Hope you are well! Looking forward to hearing about your homeschooling adventure.

Terri said...

Thank you for following my blog!!!

I cannot say enough about your beautiful photos. I have drooled over them several times. What a treasure. And what a beautiful family!!

I know Jeanette! She is so sweet.


The Aspenberg Family said...

Hey Dawn! Your pictures are adorable!! I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I have a ? for you! We have the same Stroller the Peg Pergo, I was wondering if you have cleaned it and if so how? I can't figure out how to get the padding off for the life of me, I have tried to google it and find out but I can't seem to find anything and Ours in need of some good washing!! Thanks so much my eamil is aspenbergfam@gmail.com!!
Thanks so much!!