off to a slow start...

this week, i am going to start out slowly with our homeschooling adventure. i have made some plans for some things we will do. the biggest thing is we are learning our routine and our schedule. the kids are also going to have some time to get used to mommy being their teacher. we are working on obedience and respect.

i am also working on planning and arranging our school supplies and materials, while they are doing some light school work. just getting them used to the idea that school is starting for our family.

this morning, i worked with the boys, because jordyn was hanging out with her grandmother today! it was good to start of slow today and with just two out of three of my school age kids!

while we finished up on some school stuff, jaelyn was getting into everything, pulling books and toys off the shelves. keeping up with her is going to prove to be a challenge.


Susan said...

I'm sure you'll find your groove and the kids will adjust to the schedule. Honestly, I couldn't imagine trying to do it. Good luck as you guys find your groove.

Terri said...

Starting slow is good. You will do great!! Blessings!