back from target....

tonight i went to my last session of dream dinners for awhile (another thing we are cutting back on) and then on to target! i just love target. i will never forget 10 years ago when i visited my first target in matthews, nc. my friend, jen, took me there and told me i would never ever be the same after visiting "tar-jay". and i haven't been.

target is my favorite place. i love going there, i really love going without kids. so wouldn't you know i am not the only one with this obsession. i was just reading over my friend, melanie's blog and she talked about her love for it too! wow, two of us love the same place unheard of, right? all of that written in pure sarcasm. i am sure their are a lot of you out there who love you some good old "tar-jay"

here is the best part, my friend, mel put a link at the bottom of her post to this blog. a new addition to my blogroll. if you love target ~ you will love this one!

oh, i can't forget to mention i am sitting here typing this in my new jammies that were on clearance!! gotta love it!! this post will serve as my gotta love it/gotta have it post. i hadn't done one of those in awhile.

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Stephanie said...

That blog is so funny! I love Target too! Who doesn't?