yesterday i didn't really spend much time if any in the blog world or even on email. three of my friends were emailing back and forth yesterday, each time including me in each of the emails, we (really they) were finalizing plans for our playdate for today. but i never once "replied to all" during their "conversation" until late in the afternoon. and when i did i told them that i was sorry for being MIA. i was missing in action from the little world that lives inside my computer.

and i realized my last past was on my exhaustion. where as i am not basking in sleep and peacefulness a hotel room like my dear friend, i have caught up on some of my sleep. i am feeling a little more rested. thanks so much to all of you who were praying for me!

i actually have a few posts in the works and will work on finishing them as soon as i can. so, in the meantime i wanted you to know i haven't run away (yet) to escape this exhaustion, but i did consider hiding in chelsea's suitcase. now i am working on hugh to take us to disney world when he takes his family!!!

stay posted for more posts to come (some good stuff in the works - if i might say so myself!!)....

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