what i have been doing...

this past weekend i attended the revolve tour with a group of wonderful high school girls! we had a great time friday night and all day saturday. on friday afternoon, my friend stephanie came into charlotte from georgia with one of her girls from her youth group so they can attend the tour. and on saturday, my friend anita joined in on the fun! i must say we had a great time. but i felt a little out of my element during the hawk nelson concert - although a group of us went "backstage" to meet them and i do have an autographed copy of the program.

on sunday, the kids and i spent the morning at elevation for all three services at providence. i was there to work with the e-kidz volunteer coordinator! she is training me to do what she does at our butler campus. i am soooo excited. i am going to be working directly with her as well as the children's director at butler. i love both of those gals!! and i am honored to serve elevation in this capacity!!

monday was spent getting back into the swing of things. and then we had a leadership development meeting - now to be called "movement" for elevation! what an awesome experience. to hear pastor share from his heart and to be surrounded by a room (crowded one at that) full of unified leaders is a great way to start off the week!

today, my friend chelsea came over. our girls had a great time playing together. her daughter, anagrace is jordyn's first best friend. they were busy playing while we were able to get into a few good conversations! as well as a little pampering session!! it is always a good day when we can have friends come over and a chance to be real!!!

just like last week... on thursday, i was having a pretty bad morning. i had plans to get together with anita and was thinking about canceling. as i sat on the phone and doing a few things on the laptop, i looked at my extremely messy house and my undressed messy haired kiddos, she pulled into my driveway. talk about being real. she got to see me and all my realness that day! but having her and her girls come over that day was a blessing! i am so glad she didn't call before coming b/c if she had, i would have canceled on her.

tonight, was a great night (with a story that i must save for a future blog post), joshua and i attended a meeting for kids who are interested in being baptized!! elevation has a baptism coming up in a few weeks. this meeting went over the basics of baptism for kids. of course, it was done elevation style -- nothing less than excellent! they had a skit with hilarious actors who walked us through accepting christ, being baptized and sharing christ with friends! joshua has decided to be baptized! yeah! he made the decision to miss basketball practice to go to this meeting tonight! i was very proud of him!

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