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if you look over to the right on my blog you will notice that i added 2 life verses. a few weeks ago, my friend, marybeth, challenged her readers to find a life verse for this new year. i thought, searched and prayed for one that i could really use this year. one that could sustain me, encourage me, comfort me and one that i could really her God speaking through me. well now i have mine!! two actually.

life verse #2 is one that i have always held tight to. it speaks to me when i am fearful or full of worry. it also prevents me from getting anxious when a new situation in my life arises. i have to keep that one around. jamil actually reminded me that it was a life verse of mine. so i am keeping that one around!!

now the story of how i acquired life verse #1. two weeks ago in our small group, i was blessed with this verse! we were each given cards to write our names on and then we were to write something encouraging on the card about each other. i recalled doing something very similar when i was in high school and then also several years ago in a women's bible study. i have held onto the words that were written to me. i love to go back and read them. it is very encouraging to read those especially when you are feeling beaten down.

when i received my card back it was full of encouraging and loving words! also, written on my card was a reference to matthew 6:33, written by our small group leader. after reading what he wrote and thinking about that scripture reference i realized that was the life verse i had been praying for! it is wonderful to think about how God works and how he used john to deliver the answer to my prayer.

so here is my shout out to our awesome leaders, john and heather - thank you for all you do, for being obedient to God, for blessing our lives and for being who God made you - you are the greatest leaders and we love being a part of your group - the best group ever!!

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Heather said...

Dawn- We are so thankful for you guys... thanks for the encouraging words! I really value our friendship and appreciate you so much!