such comfort...

i have such comfort in the fact that God has placed amazing people in my life at just the right times. friendships are such a blessing from Him. being able to connect with other women is so refreshing and so empowering.

today, i took jordyn to ballet. which is one of the highlights of our week. the studio (masterpiece studio) and her teacher (ms. jackie) are awesome. on our way there, not even 5 minutes from home, i realized we left jordyn's tap & ballet shoes at home. so i turned around to get them and when i did we were rushing to get there. and wouldn't you know it, i got behind a school bus, got stuck in school traffic, hit every red light, got stuck waiting for a train and then got behind slow traffic and a tractor trailer on 74. so i rushed her in to class. once i got settled, i sat with the other "dance moms" and we chatted.

but you know, it wasn't just chatter or small talk like you think you would get when taking your daughter to ballet. what i received from those ladies was such a comfort to my heart and soul. God blessed me today by allowing me to spend time with three wonderful ladies who i am so glad i can call my friends. i don't know each of them very well or for a very long amount of time. but i know that God has positioned them in my life for a reason.

we were able to talk very honestly and openly mostly about parenting and being moms. there was such an awesome amount of transparency present in the tiny waiting area crowded with 4 moms and seven children, not taking ballet.

i take comfort in the fact that when God takes something away from us it is for the benefit of us, even though we don't know why. and when he takes something away from us he always replaces it with something even better, even if we don't know when. He has done this for me with my friendships over the past year.

i value the gift of friendship. there is nothing better than being able to be open and real and honest with others who are being the same. God has been blessing me with some amazing women who i am so glad i can call my friends. i praise Him for true frienships that stand the test of time and i praise Him for new friendships that He brings in just the nick of time.


Chelsea said...

Just wanted to say: I am so glad that I can call you my friend. And we need to get together again soon. And you need to show me how you did all that cool stuff on your blog! Love ya!

4torock said...

CAN u have a blog class??? I love your blog -- teach me too!! LOL! Love ya girl!!