serious quiet time...

after lunch today i put the little kids to sleep and put the big one in front of the tv. i was in need of some serious quiet time. at first, i thought i was going to take a nap. our kids have made a hobby of coming into our room several times a night over the last week or so, all for various reasons and at different times, so i thought a nap would be a good idea.

god had other plans for my serious quiet time, not involving sleep or blogging or making a phone call. he got my attention and we had a heart to heart. wow... the power of getting quiet and being still in front of the lord is amazing.

i had my bible, my journal and my ipod. i listened to 2 songs that have been really speaking to me (amazed by jared anderson and a greater song by paul baloche). i was able to really talk and listen to god and he revealed so many things to me in this hour that we had together.

i realized a list of things that i needed to let go of, to set free & to put into his hands. i didn't want to carry the burden of those things any longer and he didn't want me to. he also brought it to my attention that i have been asking him for direction and answers and i haven't been available to listen to what he has been telling me. i thought he went silent, because that does happen, but he didn't i just wasn't listening.

my serious quiet time is something i realized i have been missing over the last few months. i am bringing this experience that i had on the second day of this year with me throughout the rest of this year. it is a necessity that i forgot about. and that can't happen any longer. he is the strength and the answer to what i need to live a life full of joy this year.

so often i overlook and forget about having a quiet time. i pray a lot during the day, but a serious quiet time, where i can reflect and listen i put aside. i become to busy to stop, be still and be amazed by Him. and when i forget i am lost. and my days don't go right and i get nothing done. and all along, i have had the answer right in front of me ~ look to Him! He has the answers, the directions, the strength, the comfort, the companionship and the love i need.


Jess said...

oh dawn-this post was a gift. it really touched my heart and blessed my night. you, too, are a gift. i love you--jess

Corrie said...

Hi love...I am on this same page. My quiet times seem to start with good intentions and slowly become bogged down in the busyness that is my life. Maybe we could be accountable. I had a great time visiting with you today and I can't wait until Momtourage. Love You Corrie