slow down...

as i was driving way too fast yesterday, racing to pick up my son from school, a huge tractor trailer pulled out right in front of me. i was on my phone making plans with another small group leader. i decide to use the left turn lane to go around him (i guess that is called illegal passing). as i am flying down the center lane, i spot a police officer in the other lane. great - so i figure since i am in the left lane, i should pretend to turn left. i had to drive a few hundred feet to reach my destination. as i begin turning into the random parking lot, the police officer follows me with his lights on.

panicked by the thought of being late picking up josh and getting a ticket we can no way afford - i began to get upset. when the officer came to my side, i explained (sobbing and slurring) i was running late and needed to get my son. i also mumbled a bunch of stuff i don't remember exactly what. doing anything i can to plead my case to get out of this situation i put myself in. he explained he still needed my license.

as he is running my plates, i called a friend to grab joshua from car pool for me. he came back to tell me that he was letting me go. he told me, ma'am you need to slow down, because it really didn't pay off to get pulled over, it only took more time out of my day (his too, i am sure he was thinking).

those were two words i needed to hear yesterday. it has been a wild and crazy busy week. the police officer's two words telling me to slow down, i think were a gift from God - words that God would have told me earlier in the week, if i had only stopped to SLOW DOWN long enough to hear Him.

i got the message loud and clear and gratefully without a huge penalty to pay (i am so sorry my friend erin was not so lucky to get out of hers last week)

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