have to/want to

here is a list of what i have to do today...
~ unpack from our trip
~ clean the house (not just straighten up - deep clean!!) - we are having a houseful of friends this weekend for the Revolve tour!!
~ laundry
~ make a list and go to the grocery store
~ more laundry
~ pick up josh from school
~ did i say laundry?

here is what i want to do today....
~ read blogs
~ catch up on emails
~ talk to the phone
~ work on stuff for ekidz (which in a future post, i will explain the new role i am taking on!!!!)
~ finish a book with only a few chapters left
~ watch the next 5 episodes of "Lost:Season 1"
~ download songs and podcasts to my ipod
~ listen to the sermon from Sunday

can i do it all??? sure i am super mom with super multi tasking powers!
yeah right!

1 comment:

The Carr Family said...

right there with you! you forgot to add talk to amy on the phone about nothing! :)