first day back...

today, was josh's first day back to school after a two week break. he wasn't thrilled to get up and get going. but he did it! so we are back in routine here. although after dropping him off this morning (at 7:45 and in my new pj's from target!) i got to come straight home!! yeah! it was so nice to not have to pick up tucker and take him and jordyn to preschool. so, this morning i have been checking and responding to email, checking our evite to momtourage (book study for moms at elevation), updating facebook, creating an icebreaker for momtourage and sending out a few evites for next sunday to elevation. jesiah and jordyn have been playing pretty well by themselves.

oh, if you haven't heard... we hit an all time high in attendance yesterday over 3500 people were at elevation chruch - b/w 2 locations and 5 services!!!! WOW! And to top the day off over 100 people gave their lives to Christ!! AMAZING!!! .... I love that word & I have been using that word a lot. It has been truly describing the things happening around here!! the things that God is doing at Elevation and in our personal life!!

today I am going to catch up on some laundry and cleaning. I will be gearing up to run to the store before momtourage. i am so excited to see my friends from momtourage and to meet all the new ladies that will be there! God is all over this group of ladies!!!

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Corrie said...

Hi love I will really miss you guys tonight but the LSU game is extremely important to Dave and I need to keep the kids at bay. I know it will be a blast and I will DEFINATELY be there for the rest. Have fun