mood swings...

up early because of phone call ~ grumpy mom.
check weather - snow everywhere ~ happy mom
school's closed today ~ happy mom!
no school ~ no driving to school ~ happy mom!
josh home = extra kid ~ happy mom!
hubby has to go to work ~ sad mom
find 101 temp and sore throat on joshua ~ sad mom!
adding "day care" kid (four total now) ~ stressed mom
doing some volunteer work for elevation ~ happy mom!
long phone conversation (2 hours 24 min.) with best friend ~ happy happy mom!
youngest locks bathroom door - struggle to unlock it ~ frustrated mom.
call waiting comes in from long distant best friend ~ happy mom!
making plans to go see long distant best friend ~ really happy mom!
lost internet connection ~ frustrated mom.
realized it wasn't lost b/c of failure to pay bill ~ relieved mom!
lost volunteer work - excel doc. ~ grumpy mom.
bf's husband tried to help find the doc. - over the phone - couldn't ~ appreciative mom
messy messy house ~ grumpy mom!
hungry kids + hungry mom = grumpier mom.
make soup and sandwiches, mom wants to eat something other than that ~ discontent mom
ask kid's to clean up messy rooms - doesn't get done the way i want ~ stressed mom
tell them to forget cleaning up it is time for naps ~ relieved mom
put all four kids down for naps in a 3 bedroom house ~ challenged mom
take oldest's temp. still 101 ~ worried mom
one kid sleeping in our walk in closet ~ guilty mom
everyone quiet ~ happy mom
have time for myself: to finish volunteer work, check email, read & write blogs ~ happy mom!!!!
make time for a quiet time with the lord ~ content and joyful mom!!!


Anita said...

We missed you at dance today!

Jess said...

this is one of the best things i've read in a long time!! OH MY GOSH! it makes me want to evaluate my own moods....i hope that i choose happy mom, and content and joyful mom more and more...
you bless my life!