i heart...

a few of my friends did a post like this so i thought i would join in on the fun! a perfect post to get in the mood for valentine's day! can you believe it is already february!!! ok, here are some of the things i am loving these days....in no particular order!!

~ being a mommy of four beautiful children (atleast most days!)

~ my wonderful and funny husband who makes me smile

~ long, long phone conversations with amy

~ watching cable tv...what a treat!

~ my L7 friends

~ elevation church

~ cherry coke zero (can't live without it!)

~ lucky charms cereal with low fat milk

~ warm chocolate chip cookies

~ finding old friends on facebook

~ the smell of my sweet baby

~ having my sister living right behind me (atleast for now)

~ that some people ask if my younger sister is older than me -- hehe

~ warm weather and wearing flip flops

~ watching my kids grow and learn and enjoying life

~ thinking about the miracle of life (pregnancy, birth, delivery and babies)

~ reading in a hot bubble bath

~ coffee with lots of sugar and french vanilla cream

~ not having to make dinner

~ Jesus Christ

~ sleeping

what do you "heart"???? if you do a post like this on your blog, leave a comment and let me know!!!

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