things i love about joshua...

i love how much energy joshua has. he loves to be moving, running and karate chopping all of the time!

i love how intelligent he is. he is very bright. there are few things we can put past him.

i love how strong willed and determined he is. even though it can be hard to parent him we know he is going to make something of himself one day!

i love when he tries to do the right thing and uses his leadership skills.

i love watching him play guitar hero on his playstation.

i love how he spends a long time in the mirror fixing his hair. he is determined to have his hair long and straight. or spikey like pastor steven's.

i love when he plays speedhawks with his sister and brother. it is a little club they made up. too cute.

i love how he can be really laid back and careless. and at the same time he can have a type a personality.

i love when he is seeking God and doing what God would want him to do.

i love how cool he is! he is a really cool kid!!

i love his smile.

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