itzbeen how long???

with a busy and hectic schedule of managing four children, a husband and a home, i must admit that i was often asking myself (or my hubby!) these questions about caring for our sweet baby girl...
when was the last time she ate?
or which side did i nurse on last ?
or how long has she been asleep?
or awake?
or how long since she has had her diaper changed?
and even what time is it?

and then i found this awesome baby product which tells me how long "itzbeen"!

what is this little thing?? it is an itzbeen baby care timer. it answers all of my questions that i was often asking.

how it works??? you press the corresponding button and it will keep the time for you. it keeps track for you how long it has been since you fed, since she has been asleep or awake, since her diaper was changed. there is a button you could use for keeping track of medicine or whatever else you'd like. it also has a clock on it to tell you what time it is. there is also a little button that keeps track of which side you nursed on last. you can lock the timer so that little hands can't reset the buttons. you can also set it and use it as an alarm to remind you it is time to do whatever task you want to have scheduled (great for those babywise mommas!). the little gadget lights up so you can use it in the middle of the night too!

what a lifesaver!!! i love this baby product. it has been very helpful and helps me to be even more organized!!! bonus for me i paid nothing for it - i used a walmart gift card we had. i got it from walmart.com and had it delivered site to store. my sweet hubby even saved me from having to step foot into walmart (not a huge walmart fan) and picked it up for me.

if you have a baby and often ask how long itzbeen....you gotta have one of these!!!


Christy said...

that is something that I STILL need. Even though Zach is approaching 18months here in a couple days... I am the most forgetful person EVER! So let me just ask HOW MUCH????

Eli really had a blast with Josh... they are two peas in a pod... I really would love to do this on fridays... or maybe every other friday if every is too much! Josh is so sweet, and polite... he really has done a lot of maturing. It's amazing what a couple years does to our children... Eli the same.. just maturing before my eyes! Hope you are doing well...
See you thursday!

Jenny said...

This is so... cool! With another baby arriving soon, I REALLY might need to get one of these! Thanks for posting!!!

Amy said...

Hi Dawn,
LOVE the blog! The pictures on here are amazing! I am so glad I get to keep connected this way even if we don't see each other at church! Love ya!