hold them even longer....

being a mom of four has taught me a lot. one thing i have learned is that children do not stay small for very long. oh, how the time flies by! one day they are newborn babies and the next day they are heading off to school. so i have adopted this belief about holding my babies. some people say if you hold your baby too long it will spoil them - i don't believe that at all. i feel that just when you are thinking you have held them too long, hold them even longer. because they are only small for such a short time, enjoy every minute holding them. and when they get bigger and want to hug on you, hug on them because before too long they won't want you to hug them or hold them at all. so my piece of advice for new moms is to hold your babies even longer than you think you should be. i don't think i have ever heard a mom say i wish i would have held my baby less. i have heard moms say the opposite. i don't want to look at them when they are grown and say i wish i would have held them more. go hold your baby or hug on your kids extra long today!!!


Susan said...

I would say I totally agree with you! I guess that is why I still rock Davis before his nap even though he's 3! It goes by so fast and I'm struggling with him being my last and he is so not a baby anymore!

BTW - Stop by my blog, I have a bloggy award for you!

Enjoy your babies!

Christy said...

Good point.. they do get big too quickly.... holding them longer is a good thing, because all too quickly they are doing a thousand things and don't have time to be held as much!

Talk to you soon... please pray for Lilly. I just updated our blog so you can get the story there. Great seeing you in pick up line today.. you are looking awesome!