things i love about jordyn...

i love jordyn's beautiful curly hair.

i love how girly girl jordyn is. she loves to dress up and look pretty! she loves wearing dresses.

i love when she walks around the house in little plastic dress up shoes.

i love how compassionate she is for others. she has a heart for other people.

i love how she is really learning to read!

i love watching her leave for school with a backpack about as big as she is.

i love that she will stand up for herself when her brothers try to bother her.

i love watching her play and care for jaelyn.

i love that she is the easiest kid to put to bed. she knows when she is tired and doesn't hesitate to go to bed! always been like that even as a baby.

i love that she can tell us about everyone and everything in her class. she is a social butterfly.

i love that she just loves her mommy! she spends many afternoons writing me notes and coloring me pictures.

i love that she is beautiful inside and out!!!

i love that she is very smart and interested in learning.

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