little lion...

our little bear (jordyn's nickname) was a little lion for her kindergarten class production of the circus. my pictures are not the greatest. my camera just doesn't do a great job when it comes to pictures of school events.

on february 6, we went to see the union academy kindergarten circus. it was really really cute. a few weeks before the big show, a paper came home from her teacher assigning each child a part in the circus. i must say jordyn was disappointed that she was not assigned to be an acrobat. that was what she wanted to be. what little girl doesn't want to wear her ballet outfit to school?? and jordyn being all girl and loving ballet, her heart's desire was to be an acrobat. but she was assigned to the role of an animal (lion, tiger, etc). being that we had a lion costume already we choose that! jordyn was such a good sport, she did not complain one time about not being an acrobat. i could tell she wanted to be dressed up like the girls who were playing that part. but shed didn't make a fuss. i was so proud of her. she is turning into such a sweet big girl!! our little bear is growing up! i can't believe she is in kindergarten already!

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Christy said...

oh how the time just flies by. kindergarden one moment and second grade... approaching third! I know you know!

Let me know when you want that hair done... Next week is pretty open...

Talk to you soon,