things i love about my husband...

i love how my husband is so selfless. he puts everyone else and their needs before himself.

i love my husband's sense of humor. he always makes me laugh and smile even on a real tough day or when i get angry at him.

i love how laid back my husband is. he is so easy going and very few things bother him.

i love how no matter how bad my meals (or lack there of) sometimes can be, he still eats whatever is on the table

i love his gift of encouragement. he encourages people effortlessly. it is purely a gift.

i love what a man of God he is. his character and who he strives to be is flawless! he is serious about his relationship with God.

i love how good he is with our kids. he is such a great daddy.

i love watching him hold our baby girl. she has him wrapped around her finger already!

i love how he plays his music really loud in his car. even when he takes the big kids to school.

i love that how much he helps me around the house and with the kids. he has no problems stepping right in and helping me out.

i love how he tries to surprise me with things, even though i don't really like surprises!

i love his servant's heart. he always wants to serve and bless others. and he does a great job at it.

what do you love about your husband?

(thanks to holly for a great idea for a valentine's week post! i am also going to use holly's idea and create posts on what i love about my kiddos....stay tuned throughout the weekend for those!)

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