one year later...

one year ago today i found out i was pregnant with this precious little baby girl!!! i prayed so hard for this baby. yesterday, i was reading in my journal from about a year ago. i wrote about how much i desired to be pregnant again. i was so uncertain of God's plan for my life, for our life. i was so fearful to add another baby when we were struggling financially. i specifically prayed for and asked God to bless our family in such a mighty way that only we would know it was Him. i prayed for so many things to fall in place and line up so that we could have another baby. oh my gosh, how He did that. He didn't just answer one prayer, He answered all of them. just weeks after this journal entry i praised Him for answering my prayers when i got a positive pregnancy test. i was still not sure at that time about the rest of the prayers. but a year later, He provided for all our needs and so much more. i feel so blessed and so thankful for how He works in my life.

today, she had her four month check up!!
hop on over to jaelyn's blog to read about it!!

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