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ok, finally here they are my top three moments at elevation to celebrate the three year anniversary! since i am a little behind on posting this, i am going to put all three in this one post! our weekend was so full and so busy but so much fun!! here they are...

#1...one year ago from this weekend (feb. 2008)...joshua got baptized on our 2 year anniversary!!! to celebrate the second year, we had a volunteer push, a huge baptism and a fun praise and worship night where the band recorded their album, we are alive. it was a busy and fun day! there were several hundred people baptized. our friend, ken, was also baptized that day!! joshua and ken shared in this special day! i will never forget this day. i will never forget pastor steven baptizing our son. what a priceless moment!!! if you haven't read my complete story of josh's baptism, you can do it here.

#2... our first sunday @ elevation church (mother's day 2007)....we had just left our church of six years the weekend before and were visiting churches. elevation was the first church we visited and also the last. we never made it anywhere else! that sunday we walked into elevation, we were so sad and so full of disappointment from the experience and loss we just went through at our previous church. we didn't know what to expect and were very nervous to church shop. elevation was doing the deep series and baptized hundreds of people spontaneously that day. it rained on the stage when we sang "rain down". amazing!!! i wasn't sure if this was our church home yet, but i was so impressed with elevation. our kids loved being in ekidz that day. we decided to go back the following week and have been there ever since!!! praise God for such an easy transition during our church hunting! it was a breeze!

#3...dominate/leadership praise & worship night (fall 2008)... before the church body had a chance to give their dominate pledges under the big white tent in november 08, the leader's of the church came together for a praise & worship night. during this event, we brought our dominate commitment cards and we led the way!! i will never forget going down to the front and slamming our cards onto the stage. everyone went forth with such conviction. jamil and i had taken a huge leap of faith and pledged an amount that we weren't sure exactly where it would come from but we knew it would. it was such a faith driven bold moment for us and so many other leaders. loved that night!!

those were just three moments that stick out in my mind, there have been so many other moments that are priceless at elevation and have left such an impact on me. and the best is yet to come!!!! God is blowing our mind in 2009!

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