things i love about jesiah...

i love how full of life jesiah is. he loves life and being alive.

i love how he loves to dress up. he is always dressing up as some superhero!

i love how he is so easy going and laid back! he is so carefree!

i love that he will wear his pajamas all day long!

i love when he is being really sweet to jealyn.

i love how he hates getting dirty but can make the biggest mess!

i love how sneaky he can be when he wants to drink my coke or eat some candy.

i love how he says the wildest things.

i love how he makes us all laugh.

i love that he is full of energy but more than happy to cuddle up with his mommy!

i love how he tells me what a good mommy i am.

i love that he looks up to his big brother and worships the ground he walks on.

i love when he wrestles with his daddy.

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