tiny hands...

i love jaelyn's tiny hands, they are so sweet. when she was first born, i would hold her tiny hands when i would nurse her and i have continued to do that. now at four months old, when i nurse her, she knows the routine, she will reach out and look to hold my hand. it is so sweet.

jaelyn has been using her hands a lot more lately. she will reach out to touch toys and other things in her line of sight. she will also bring the toys to her mouth. and if she isn't holding a toy, she will bring her hand to her mouth and suck on her little fingers. so sweet.

i have always been bothered by people touching my babies when we are out in public. now, i am not bothered by friends or family touching my babies. but i can not stand it when complete strangers come up and touch on my babies. it is a total invasion of space. and of course the thought of germs freaks me out.

i have found two things to that help with limiting this.

1. wearing my baby in a sling. i am a babywearer and love my sling! when i wear my baby, strangers are less likely to invade my space to reach in and touch the baby in the sling! marvelous!!! i just realized i don't have a photo of me wearing jaelyn yet. but i do have a photo of my second favorite thing...

sign reads: please wash your hands
before touching mine

2. the little pink sign that hangs on jaelyn's infant seat. i LOVE this sign. i receive so many compliments on it. the lactation consultants and my pediatrician love it too!!! so many people have asked me where i got it. i received it as a gift from my dear friend, amy. amy received the sign when she brought her newborn twins home from the nicu. the hospital gives them out, but i think only when a baby is discharged from the nicu. she ordered mine from their website and gave it to me as a gift! you can go here to check it out! you can get them in pink, blue or red!! awesome!

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